Martin Andanar criticizes the media and warns alleged group plotting Duterte oust: “We will go after you!”

Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar warned the groups who allegedly wanted to forcefully remove President Rodrigo Duterte during an interview of Karen Davila in ‘ANC Headstart’.

He said that people involved in the new disclosure must face the consequences, if the investigation of the Malacañang Palace proves that the reports circulated on the social media that there’s a secret group plotting to oust the President.

And Andanar warned the group that even they are living in other country, they would go after them.


“The people who are written here, (referring to the people involved in alleged plots to oust Duterte) and if we find out that they are really part of this scheme, we will go after you. If you are in Amercia, enjoying the cold winter nights of the United States in New York City or wherever you are, just make sure that when you come home to the Philippines that you face the music,” he said.

He also shared during the interview that he’s protecting the President, that’s why he wanted an investigation regarding to the alleged oust plans.

Andanar pointed out that Liberal Party is not the only opposition group who opposed the current government.

The Secretary also said that the opposition failed to grant President Duterte of the “benefit of the honeymoon-period” which usually last for six months.

He also blasted the media for being unfair to President Duterte and not reporting some of his good deeds during his Presidency.

You can watch the video here:

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