Netizen admits that he let his friends rape his ex girlfriend as birthday gift

Netizens love to read confessions from different people, but a story posted by Facebook page ‘Student Secret Files’ sparked an outrage all over the social because of the ‘disgusting act’ committed by its contributor who hided himself in a pseudonym ‘Mr.K’

Mr. K confessed that he made his ex-girlfriend a birthday gift to his friends, literally and he allowed them to feast on the body of his former love.

According to his confession, the crime happened after he broke up with “Miya” (the victim), for a certain “valerie”.

A friend of Mr. K who’s celebrating his birthday, asked the confessing man for a gift, but he didn’t expected that the present that his barkada that he called ‘jay’ really wanted was his ex-girlfriend Miya.

After the birthday celebration, Mr. K who let his friend do the abuse to his ex-girlfriend didn’t expected that Jay is not the only one who feasted on the body of Miya.

He saw his traumatized ex and he was informed that his other friends also joined the crime and sexually abused Miya.

Mr. K realized that he let his ex-girlfriend became a victim of a gang-rape.

According to the confession, it seems that Miya didn’t informed the authorities about the crime happened and her parents brought him to the province to continue her studies.

The man who also confessed on Facebook said that he already left the circle of his bad influence friends, but the netizens who read his story didn’t stopped themselves to criticize Mr. K.

This is the whole story:

Aside from criticizing Mr. K, the netizens also urged the owners of the Facebook page where the controversial story posted to unmask the identity of the suspect and let him suffer the legal consequences for letting his ex.

Several days after the story goes viral on social media, the owners of the Student Secret Files announced that Facebook deleted the confession of Mr. K.

Its not yet known if the Facebook really removed the post or the admins of the page just deleted it after getting thousands of criticism from the netizens.

The story cannot be proven true, unless the Facebook page unmask the real identity of Mr. K.

The crime committed by Mr. K could threw him into jail forever.

unlawful sexual activity and usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against the will usually of a female or with a person who is beneath a certain age or incapable of valid consent — compare sexual assault, statutory rape.

Over 80% of victims are women, maximum incidents occur in the home and 80% of assailants are friends and family of the victim. The most … Of all the reported cases, only 13% end in a conviction. …. With an estimated of 500,000 rape cases every year, the country has one of the highest rates of Rape Crimes in the world.


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