Netizen webcasts her suicide via Facebook live

“reality. sucks right? pagpuyo lage,tsk.”

This is what Kian Shannon Sophie Cañares, 21 years old, a psychology student of the University of San Carlos, said in her last public Facebook post three days after she committed suicide by hanging herself using a wire looped around her neck.

The case became more tragic when Cañares webcast her suicide to her friends on Facebook to show how she killed herself.

According to the report of Cebu Daily News, Cañares live-streamed a video of her suicide on Facebook live around 9 p.m last July 3, the video showed how she hanged herself at her family’s living room in Cebu City.

Shannon placed her phone on a wooden bench, about a meter from where she hanged herself to death.

Two of her cousins, were disturbed after they witnessed the suicide video on Facebook. They quickly rushed to Cañares’ house to save their cousin, but it’s already late.

Melencio Cañares, the father of Kian, upon hearing the disturbance went out of the master’s bedroom and discovered the lifeless hanged body of his daughter.

The family quickly took down the suicide video before it became viral on the internet, fortunately no one downloaded and re uploaded the video of the suicide on the internet.

But Senior Superintendent Joel Doria, director of CCPO, said that the family of Kian did not immediately report the incident to the police that prompted them to investigate deeper.

The case was first reported in a local radio station in Cebu, which received the information from a concerned citizen last Tuesday.

Doria said that he already ordered the investigators to talk to the people who knew Cañares, to know the real reason why Kian ended her life and even streamed it on the internet.

“What we have here is a pure suicide case. There is no foul play involved especially that what she did was broadcasted live on Facebook. I hope her family will cooperate in the investigation so that we will know what were her reasons in ending her life,” he said.

According to the father of Kian, who got interviewed by Cebu Daily News, Kian previously tried to commit suicide twice but they were able to stop her. Melencio also shared that Kian kept her problem to herself.

They also don’t saw any sign of depression to Kian, a day before she committed suicide.

(We did not see any signs that she had problems. In fact, she was laughing a day before she committed suicide),” Melencio told the Cebu Daily News.

However, Melencio said that his daughter said that she saw a man with horns, several days ago.

Kian also have a two year old daughter from a failed relationship, according to the reports.

A veteran psychologist in Cebu Maryjun Delgado, explained that Cañares must have encountered a horrible experience.

Delgado said that Cañares might have been confused and felt empty, unwanted and found no value in herself.

“There might be a feeling in her that she was a victim, and so she wants everyone to know about it,” she told CDN over the phone.

She added that Kian was seeking attention and wants people to understand her.

Meanwhile, several relatives and friends of Kian expressed their sadness for what happened to Cañares on Facebook.

There are several cases of suicide that streamed via Facebook live in other countries like U.S, but the case of Kian was the first in the Philippines.

Several experts said that people must be aware on the dangers of depression. People who suffered depression should talk to a doctor or psychologist.

According to Sen. Risa Hontiveros, the Philippines has the highest number of depressed people in Southeast Asia.

She also filed Senate Bill no. 1190 otherwise known as the Philippine Mental Health Act of 2016 to help the people who suffered in mental health problems.

“1 in 5 adult Filipinos suffer from mental or psychiatric disorder. This represents an average of 88 reported cases of mental illness per 100,000 Filipinos. Also, the number of suicide cases in the country has steadily risen over a period of 20 years from 1992 to 2012,” Hontiveros explained.

Source: Cebu Daily News



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