Newscaster Korina Sanchez was criticized by Netizens because of her comment about Typhoon Ruby



This was taken from the previous episode of ‘TV PATROL’, the evening news program of ABS-CBN with their newscasters Korina Sanchez, Ted Failon and Noli De Castro. This episode has gone viral due to the comment of one of their newscasters Korina Sanchez regarding to Typhoon Hagupit (known locally as Ruby).


The two newscasters were having a conversation after they reported the status of Typhoon Ruby to the viewers once it reaches the Philippines. But there’s a part of the comments that affects the netizens and it was said by the newscaster Korina Sanchez. She said “Puwede bang sa kanilang lahat? (Can the typhoon just land only to their country?)” (referring to the Japan).A lot of the netizens gave a negative feedback to what she said because it was kind of disturbing and the Japanese might get offended if they’ve heard of it.



Netizens discussion about Korina’s controversial comment about Typhoon Ruby.

The real problem nowadays with the reporting is that a lot of the newscasters of different stations are giving side comments (either negative or positive) right after they reported the news. And many notices that it’s kind of unprofessional to the viewers because they’re on cam and they might throw a ‘not’ so good comment just like what happened that night.


But if you listened carefully to what she said after Noli De Castro said “Wag Naman (Don’t wish for it).”, the lady reporter eventually made it clear with her statement “Sa kanila na lang lahat. Parang mas kaya nila. (adress to Japan)” meaning that it’s because the Japanese can handle the situation more compared to us if ever the typhoon will suddenly land on their country since they have enough funds and they are economically good whatever tragedy will come to them. She obviously has no intention to be bad with her comment. In fact, she just wants us to not suffer anymore after Typhoon Yolanda did to us last year because up to now the residents of Tacloban City hasn’t recovered yet.

The Korina’s Persona Non Grata thingy in Japan is not yet confirmed, and obviously not true, i think the Japanese government will not pay some attention in this issue.

In this another typhoon, everyone is hoping and praying to not experience the same thing that happened last year anymore . So let’s just not be narrow-minded in the situation right now, we all don’t want to suffer anymore especially those who were really affected that’s why we need to be united and just pray for every filipino in our country to be safe wherever they are. Always remember, nobody’s perfect and everyone commits mistake.



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