“Mass Grave?” LOOK: Parojinog’s mansion demolished after Duterte assumes office

The reason why the Parojinogs demolished their mansion when Rodrigo Duterte assumed the Presidency was still a mystery to the people of Ozamiz City and even the City Chief of Police Senior Inspector Jovie Espenido wanted to know the truth.

This week, Espenido surprisingly visited the old mansion of the Parojinogs in Bacakay, Ozamiz City, which demolished after President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office.

Some said that the reason why the Parojinog chose to demolish their mansion and live in a smaller house is to avoid more suspicions that they were involved in illegal activities.

“As if hindi sila mayaman, bumalik na sa kanilang bahay na maliit para siguro… eh alam naman ng lahat na involved sila sa drugs,” Espenido told TV 5.

The photos posted by TV5 showed that everything in the mansion was already demolished that gave Espenido an idea that the former political kingpins of Ozamiz was hiding something from the current administration.

(via News5)

(via News5)

(via News5)

According to the information received by the authorities, the old mansion of the Parojinogs became a ‘cemetery’ for their political foes and illegal drug trade competitors.

It also became a meeting place of the alleged members of the syndicate handled by the Parojinog to plan for their next crime.

Because of that, Espenido ordered the Ozamiz PNP to dig the demolished mansion to know if the Parojinogs really buried dead bodies in their old residence.

Last week, 16 person were killed during the biggest anti-drug raid conducted in the history of Ozamiz City.

The authorities killed Mayor Aldong Parojinog, Board Member Octavio Parojinog and arrested Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog and other members of the Parojinog clan.

Irene Engracia Luansing became the acting mayor of Ozamiz and Michael Llamas Tagal as acting vice mayor.

After the downfall of the Parojinogs, a man identified as ‘Noel’ claimed that he had worked as hitman and drug courier for 20 years for the most powerful family in Ozamiz.

He admitted that he was ordered to pick up shabu from National Bilibib Prison several times and deliver it to Ozamiz City.

Herbert “Ampang” Colangco, one of the suspected Bilibid drug lord had a relationship with Ozamiz Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog Echavez who got arrested by the authorities last week.

Noel said that the Parojinogs divided the illegal drugs that he delivered and started to sell it to other pushers in Ozamiz.

He revealed that the Parojinogs was also involved in holdup operations and murdering their political foes and business competitors.

Noel said that he also chopped the bodies of the people who ordered to be killed by the Parojinogs before being buried in an still unknown place.



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