The Part 2 of Paolo Bediones Scandal leaked on the Internet




Another Scandal Video of Paolo Bediones leaked on Facebook an hour ago. The video is longer than the first video released 2 weeks ago. This Video proves that the article of Alex Brosas of Bandera is not true, Brosas claimed that the partner of Paolo Bediones in the second leaked video is a boy. This another scandal also proven that the PNP anti-Cybercrime group is not yet resolves the issue.

The 16 minute video is now uncontrollable and many people already shared it and downloaded it on their personal computers so i think there’s no way to prevent the Paolo Bediones Scandal Part to erased on the internet forever. Atleast we all now know that the disgusting expectations of the Netizens about the part 2 video is not true.  We tried to contact Angel Gutierrez, the alleged partner of Paolo Bediones on that video, but she still denying the accusations of the netizens to her.

I’m still amazed of the dedication of Paolo Bediones in his work despite of his scandal is still circulating on the Internet, he’s still continued his work as a broadcaster of TV5 News. “Let the police do their work, don’t worry you will still see me on television” According to one of the interviews of Mr. Bediones, maybe he is relieving his stress and sadness because by working hard. We hope that Mr. Bediones will became more strong and survived this another extra challenge for him.

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