Pastillas Girl is willing to UNDRESS if needed for her career!



No one can deny that Angelica Yap is really beautiful and fit to become an artist and now the girl who also known as “Pastillas Girl” is now a part of Viva Artist Agency.

She is now using “Angel Yap” as her new screen name, because the Pastillas Girl is already gone after she leaves It’s Showtime where she became¬†well-known.

There is also a circulating news on the internet that Angelica Yap is willing to undress if needed to her job as an artist.

According to an inteview with Jojo Cabinete, Angelica Yap is willing to show some skin if needed, she is also wearing two piece when going to the beach.

Netizens reacted on her statement and said that she is not yet ready to show some skin, they also suggested that Angel Yap must do some conservative roles first before doing Sexy things on her career.

She is thankful for the opportunities that the VIVA gave to her and she is hoping that more blessings will come to her showbiz career.

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