Philippine College of Criminology to investigate the case of Michael Ramasasa who threatens to kill someone on Facebook

Philippine College of Criminology (PCCR) faces scandal after one of their student, Michael Ramasasa went viral on Facebook after the criminology graduate allegedly threatened to kill the family and the girlfriend of the netizen that he fought on the internet.

Michael Ramasasa also allegedly extorted money amounting of 10,000 pesos from the victim identified as Ryan Canillas in exchange of the safety of his family and girlfriend.

Ramasasa said that Canillas disrespected his girlfriend that made him to harass the victim.

The criminology graduate also sent photos holding an alleged firearm to made the harassment more effectively.

According to Philippine College of Criminology, the case of Michael Ramasasa is currently investigating by the school.

“We are currently investigating the matter. Rest assured PCCR does not tolerate or condone any form or acts of violence. Thank you” PCC said in their statement.

The victim, Ryan Canillas denied that he’s the one who harassed by Ramasasa and someone only pretending to be him on Facebook, but the statement of the criminology graduate and the screenshots went viral on the internet told a different story.

Ramasasa also denied that he tried to extort money from Canillas.

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