A picture of a man that flashes the finger in a catholic mass has gone viral.



Philippines is one of the biggest roman catholic countries in the world, but some people didn’t know how to respect their religion just to become cool. Every religion teaches us to became a good citizen of our country and to love each other, but there’s a case that a man showed some rude manners inside their church.

A man from Quezon City, Philippines surprisingly flashes his middle finger while the priest is in his side. His friend was shocked when the man has enough courage to do that thing, and he also requested the copy of the picture so he can upload it on Facebook and considered his Scandalous acts inside the church as an achievement. The caption in his post is “Ako ang tunay na Astig, Rock on!” stating that he is too brave and cool to do that thing.

The Priest became furious when he saw the acts of this man, but the man didn’t care about the sermon of the Priest on his acts. After uploading the video, the photo quickly criticized by his friends and parents, the photo also shared by many people. Many mixed reaction was saw on Facebook and Twitter about this pic, some people became angry and some people was amazed of the courage of this man and called him “Astig”

When some religious groups saw the picture, they immediately searched for the location of this man and when they found him, they gave him a chance to apologize, but he didn’t apologize that made them more disappointed.

The College University where this man attending is now decided to kick out by the school management, this acts is against their rule and that is very bad because his school is a catholic school. There’s also a chance that no school will accept him anymore. His parents warned him that if he never apologize, the priest that he disrespects can put him in the jail and destroy his life.

Now he realized that his acts is wrong and there is no really Astig effect seen in the picture, he writes an apology letter to the priest that he disrespected and to the school that he attending. The School and the catholic church is now thinking if they will give another chance to this man.

Is this boy is deserving for a second chance?

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