Pinay transgender, in hot water after lewdly dancing the National Anthem

Pinay transgender and Facebook celebrity Maria Sofia Love Sanchez went viral on the internet again, but this time, in a bad way.

Sanchez, an overseas Filipino model who became a Facebook celebrity because of her one-liners like “Para sa ekonomiya!” “Pak!” and “Tuloy and Modeling” is in hot water right now after she uploaded a video of her while wildly dancing the National Anthem of the Philippines only wearing a one piece swimsuit.

Netizen クン ケビン re uploaded the video of Maria Sofia Love, asking for the opinion of the netizens.

The netizen raised their eyebrows after they saw the video of Maria Sofia Love and criticized her for disrespecting the national anthem, an extremely illegal act in the Philippines.

As of writing, the video uploaded by クン ケビン already reached 10,000 reactions, comments and shares mostly from the angry netizens who already watched the video.

Even the other members of the LGBT Community condone the actions of Sofia Love.

They also noticed that the Maria Sofia Love seems drunk while recording the video.

Sofia Love’s friend also defended her from criticisms, explaining that the model didn’t intentionally wanted to disrespect the Filipino Anthem.

This is their official statement from Andie Montilla, one of Maria Sofia Love’s friend:

Lately I’ve been receiving numerous messages pertaining to the recent controversy involving our dearest friend and my mom Maria Sofia Sanchez, I believe it hoppened unintentionally, if you only knew how kind, sweet, affectionate and patriotic she is especially to our country, The Philippines, what happened last night was merely to bring pure entertainment without realizing the implications of her action, she has brought positive vibes to all our fellow countrymen all over the world since she became Maria Sofia Love so let’s not quickly judge her and condemn her for this wrong doing, and if in any reason she has crossed the boundaries, in behalf of all her concerned friends, we would like to extend our apology to everyone offended by it…let’s spread love not hate! ❤❤❤

You can watch the video here:

On June, the House of Representatives has approved House Bill 5224, which, if passed into law, will impose a steeper penalties for disrespecting the national anthem “Lupang Hinirang”.

As of writing, Maria Sofia Love is not yet releasing a statement on the mass criticisms that she received from the netizens.

We are still confirming if Maria Sofia Love lives in London or Los Angeles California. But according to the sources, the Pinay transgender recorded the video in Los Angeles California.

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