There is a possibility that ‘One Direction’ Concert in the Philippines might be cancelled


The Picture shows the post of one of the Anti Drug Advocates Facebook pages in the Philippines preventing the foreign artist to have a concert in the Philippines because of the bad influence that they can be gave to their fans .

There is a possibility that the awaited tour of the boy band One Direction might be cancelled here in the Philippines in 2015. The reason is, a lot of people are afraid that this boy band could be a bad influence to the Filipino fans. So many anti drugs advocates are making a petition to stop this concert .

According to the Anti Drug Advocates, this boy band will be an inspiration to the young fans to use illegal drugs. And because they are so famous, the boy band automatically caught the attention of the teenagers. Two members of the boy band were blazing some of it that was seen in the video from YouTube.

Many fans protested to this petition. The concert must not be cancelled because they already bought a ticket, and some tickets cost 17,000 pesos . They said that the money they used will be wasted only. The fans added that they were not affected on this issue and they are still a fan of the said boy band .

But the possibility of the cancellation of the concert is big, because according to the Philippine Constitution; “Anyone who’s  using or influencing people to use illegal drugs is considered as a law breaker or criminal  in this country, especially if they are foreigners.” But who knows? We still have to wait, the decision is not yet final. So just wait for the further announcement of the concert organizers .


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