President got a support from EMMY Award winning television newsman Graham Ledger on leaving UN

EMMY Award winning television newsman, Graham Ledger, hosts “The Daily Ledger” shows his support to the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte in his statement threatening that Philippines may leave UN for interrupting the Anti-Illegal Drug Operations.

He also believe that the United States must join Duterte in leaving the United Nations.

“The United States should join him, it is high time, that our rational,civil constitutional republic put the world on notice, that the immoral, pro-dictator, pro-globalist, climate change embracing, anti-american agenda of the United Nations must end” Graham Ledger said during the “final thoughts” segment in One America News.

The netizens are very happy that there are still international media outlets left that understands the real situation of the Philippines and President Duterte.

The recorded video of the tv segment was posted by Maria Lilac Wilson on Facebook.

President Duterte’s popularity is also slowly rising in the international community.



The Malacanang Palace said that Philippines will not leave the United Nation despite of the statement of the President and the criticisms that the government received from the UN.

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