LOOK: Protesters who opposes Duterte administration quarrels over rally funds

Netizens were surprised after a print screen of posts between both anti-digong protesters has gone viral online.

Mr. Kenzo Jakosalem mentioned Maanne Adorna on his social media post, accusing his colleague of not giving the rally funds that they would to buy food, water and banners in the upcoming rally.

According to some sources, the rally that Kenzo mention will happen in February 25-26 as part of the EDSA People Power Anniversary.

In his post, he said that Maane Adorna cursed him during their conversation.

Friends of Mr. Jakosalem explained to him that the rally funds cannot be transferred without any procedure and tried to reconcile their two quarreling group mate.

Jakosalem was even urged to delete his post because the other people may see their post on the internet.

In response, Maane Adorna said that she cannot give the money that Mr. Jakosalem asked because she cannot trust a person that she cannot still see in personal.


“Hindi ko ibibigay ang hinihingi mo ng hindi ko personal na nakikita ang pagsasalinan ko ng mga bagay na ipinagkatiwala sa akin ng ibang tao” Ms. Adorna wrote.

Ms. Adorna’s friends also tried to pacify her and Jakosalem.


They also explained to Ms. Adorna and Mr. Jakosalem that members of “Tuwid Na Daan” must not quarrel over rally funds.

Ms. Adorna also said that Mr. Jakosalem blocked her on Facebook.


The commenters also said that the two Netizens who quarreled over funds were the leaders of the said group.





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