Quebec Canada Passes law allowing “Assisted Suicide”




Assisted Suicide is a way of killing yourself with the assistance or help of a professional who’s aware of your current sickness. This act is typically use to end a patient’s suffering from the incurable illness. Assisted Suicide is different in Euthanasia (mercy killing). This practice is against the rules of some religions. So this is not yet legal in many countries. But in Quebec, Canada, there is a chance that this practice will become legal already.

QUEBEC, CANADA – In a historic vote in National Assembly, Quebec has become the first province to legalize assisted death as part of comprehensive end-of-life legislation.

This is allowing hopeless ill patients to kill themselves with the assistance of their doctors so their final days would be more serene than having an unexpected death. The patient is the only one who can decide if they want to give up and finish their lives already, and the doctors will ask them if they are really determined to do that practice. But because this is not normal in many countries around the world, a lot of residents there are against to this new law, mostly the religious one who believe that only God can decide whether you will die or not.

This can lead also to unnecessary deaths and abuses according to some doctors, lawyers and other professionals that oppose to this way of killing. But still, the Quebec Prime minister defended the bill saying, this can help the patient to immediately finish their suffering. He make sure that Assisted Suicide will never use in unnecessary purposes. The residents who are against this law are trying to change the decision of the national assembly and still fighting to them to stop this kind of craziness.





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