The Real story behind this picture .


This picture was posted on social media websites for fun, but they don’t know what is the story behind this picture and they thought the picture is just a part of a cosplay.


This picture is the funeral of Brayden Denton, a 5 year old boy who died in Brain Cancer in a very young age many people love him because of his very nice attitude. He loves Super Heroes especially Spiderman, and even he is not a superhero he fight the brain cancer bravely and he didn’t lose hope even in the last days of his life. According to his Uncle that wearing the Thor costume in the funeral, Brayden loves to wear superhero costumes and when they are watching movies like superman and iron man brayden was also wearing the costumes of his favorite hero depends to the movie that they watched.

Many people in the Philippines was making fun in this picture, posting it on social media website and captioning the picture asking “WHO IS THE SUPERHERO WHO DIED IN THIS PICTURE?” the answer is Brayden because he is a real superhero for me. There is a foundation called “Brayden Henton Foundation” established after Brayden’s funeral to help other cancer patients like Brayden.

This is the picture of brayden when he was still alive .




if you want to make sure that this story is true ask google .

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  1. Mark on said:

    Yeah kinda thinking bout that… The coffin size is real Big for a child ea? Especially in a 5 years old boy even though he’s a little healthy it’s still big? And why pointing out the Philippines with the captioning thing. Actually I’ve seen it once and it’s not started in the Philippines but in US. People make mistake guys.. No ones clean, why should act

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