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Netizens criticized Shane Maria Gamboa because her crazy acts on Facebook. All of her acts and dramas caused many people to be worried. She works in a very conservative place in the middle east but she still acts in a very liberated way when she’s at home. According to a psychiatrist, Shane has a depressive illness and there’s a bigger possibility that in the future she will become completely crazy.

A fan that introduced herself as a close friend of Shane shared some information about this girl and we were shock when we discovered the real story behind her.

According to her, Shane Marie is deeply in love with a man (you can see in the picture above) and planned to have a children once they become successful. Because of the poor living, Shane Marie’s live in partner gave her an idea to work abroad so they can give a good future to their baby girl.

Shane Marie luckily got a job as a maid in middle east and already works there for so many years, sending almost all of her money to her family in the Philippines. But after 4 years of working and sending money to her live-in-partner, she finally discovered that her live in partner is already living with another girl.

After Shane’s live-in-partner realized that he will never receive any support from her again, he escaped with their baby girl and she was never seen again by her mother.

A concerned friend of Shane Marie gave the information to her, but didn’t believe the information, and after some personal investigation, her live in partner finally admit that the accusation is real. According to our informant she saw the darkest days of Shane and she didn’t eat for 3 days.

After a month, she saw the changes of Shane Marie in her attitude, she saw her recording videos and chatting with different men. Because of the craziness that Shane Marie showed to her, she decided to move in another apartment. After that incident, she never saw Shane again and was surprised after she saw that her former friend became an instant celebrity on Facebook.

“Maybe my mistake is yung hinayaan ko si Shane na magkaganun, sana kung natulungan ko baka hindi ngayon siya nagkaganyan” said by the friend of Shane to us.

Now many reports said that Shane Marie (her facebook is now deactivated) was finally caught by the authorities and already receiving psychotherapy from a volunteered kababayan. Some of Shane friends also warned the Netizens to don’t believe in any fake accounts or pages of Shane Marie.

Shane Marie Gamboa also known as Rose Marie Catidral/Hannah Nicole Bahinting is one of the most controversial people this year because of her post on Facebook. The viral topic also sparks anger in the OFW community because of the shameful acts of this girl, many is not aware with the psychological disorder of Shane.

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