WATCH: Blogger Sass Rogando Sasot becomes emotional while confronting BBC Journalist Jonathan Head

Blogger Sass Rogando Sasot became passionate in expressing her disappointment to the BBC journalist that she confronted at the International Media Center in Conrad Hotel Manila Monday.

Jonathan Head was spotted by the Pro-Duterte blogger during the ASEAN Summit in the Philippines, so she didn’t let the opportunity escape and she confronted the journalist that she criticized in her blog several years ago.

Sass questioned how BBC News, an international news organization, was able to interview blogger Jover Laurio of Pinoy Ako Blog who libeled her several times despite of being just a ‘very minor blogger’ in the Philippines.

“How is it possible, that Jover Laurio, a very minor blogger in the Philippines, was featured by the BBC in order to defend herself against the people who outed her identity but not someone like me?” Sasot said.

She also explained to Head the Jover Laurio became infamous for libeling people mostly Duterte supporters in her blog.

Sasot started to became emotional when she narrated how the international media focused about the alleged ‘troll network’ of the Duterte administration while they do not care about the anti-Duterte bloggers who libeled people.

“You just insulted, not just me..but millions of followers and supporters of the President,” Sasot said.

“Do you know that millions of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are doing everything, in order to combat the lies peddled by mainstream media?” she added.

Sass also asked Head the contact numbers of the BBC staff behind the interview of Jover Laurio.

But who’s Jonathan Head and why Sasot confronted her?

Last year, Sass Rogando Sasot shared several articles of BBC’s Jonathan Head and criticized the journalist for being critical with the uterte administration.

One of the first post of Sasot about Head is about the interview of the BBC journalist on a ‘self-proclaimed vigilante’ who admitted that her job is to kill drug leaders.

Sasot described the article of BBC as ‘disgusting’ and she believes that the article written by Jonathan Head was a possible ‘drug cartel propaganda’

She also questioned how Jonathan Head interviewed a drug pusher who’s on the run and already mistrusted anyone.

“1. If Roger is on the run, how did Jonathan Head find him? 2. Who found Roger for Jonathan Head? 3. If Roger doesn’t trust anyone, as he confessed, how did Jonathan Head earn his trust?” Sassot said in her post last year.

Because of this, Sass Rogando Sasot joked that Jonathan Head might be more competent than the former Justice Secretary Leila De Lima because the BBC journalist was able to find a member of the ‘death squad’ that allegedly linked to President Rodrigo Duterte.

She also urged her followers to report Jonathan Head’s article on BBC News.

After Sasot criticized Jonathan Head for his article about so called ‘deathsquads’ the pro-Duterte blogger shared another article of the BBC Journalist.

That time, Head described Mar Roxas, the political nemesis of President Duterte as “By all accounts, a decent and capable politician…”

Sasot claimed that Jonathan Head praised Mar Roxas while the journalist badly portrayed the Duterte and his supporters in his article.

The BBC journalist who finally responded to the criticisms of Sasot against him denied the accusation of the pro-Duterte blogger.

“Sorry but that is rubbish. I don’t know Roxas, have never met him, and have no stake in Filipino politics. That was a mild comment which deserves no such interpretation, and completely ignores what many people told me was an unreasonably favorable view of Duterte in my reporting in May.” Jonathan Head told Sass.

In response, Sasot told Jonathan Head that his article is the real ‘rubbish’ because the journalist insinuating that the lady-assassin that she interviewed is doing her job as support to President Duterte’s war against illegal drugs.

“Your article was rubbish, Mr Jonathan Head. The woman you interviewed is clearly hired by the police who is obviously part of a drug syndicate in the Philippines! Yet you kept on insinuating that this assassin is doing it in support of Duterte’s war on drugs.” Sass said.

“That article is severely misleading. At one point it said the killer was hired to kill a pusher who did not pay his debts (drug sales?), next thing the article insinuated that it was Duterte who indirectly encouraged her. And then, you were able to interview a drug pusher on the run and who mistrusts anyone? I have a bridge for sale Mr Head.” she added.

Sass also added several questions to Jonathan Head which the journalist didn’t replied.

“Jonathan Head So tell us, were you really able to verify that the woman you interviewed was indeed an assassin??? Do you really want us to believe you that you ACTUALLY verified that her claims were true???” Sasot said.

“Jonathan Head BUT did you interview Duterte supporters? You did not. You actually portrayed us as idiots in your piece.” Sasot added.

Sources: Sass Rogando Sasot, Mocha Uson blog.

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