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The Creepy kid voice in “Thinking Out Loud”

The song Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran is very mysterious. The Halloween is not yet near but many people is now scaring people using the Ed Sheeran’s hit.

Many people thought that Thinking out loud will going to pass the crown as the most played song this 2015, but we are all wrong because another topic about this song has gone viral after many fans discovered some creepy voice in a part of that song.

According to some fans, they heard some creepy voice from a kid in the song and they said that you will heard it in 0:44 when he said “Baby, my Heart” and you need some earphones to hear it.

Via Ed Sheeran on Youtube

TIP: Use your earphone and set the speed of the video in 0.5 or 0.25 and you need to relax yourself while trying to hear the creepy voice. You must repeat the video again and again until you hear it.

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The topic “Thinking Out Loud” reached the top 10 most discussed topic on twitter.

Many people used the opportunity to give people some heart attack by uploading fake Thinking Out Loud videos to shock fans. We warn the Netizens to not click short videos of Thinking Out Loud uploaded on youtube to avoid the “mini heart attack”

Is Harry Styles is the one behind the creepy voice ?

Fans also said that Harry Styles is the one behind the creepy voice and they stated that Harry is the second voice of Ed Sheeran in Thinking Out Loud. But some Netizens said that Harry’s voice is not the one that they heard in the 0:44 part and they said that a disturbed spirit is trying to horrify the fangirls of Ed.


Many people like me is still repeating the song to solve the mystery

Not like the White and Gold Dress mystery that quickly resolved by using of science, the Thinking Out Loud horror mystery is still not solve and there is still no volunteer scientist to answer all the questions about this.

Is that an Echo? A recording error ? A glitch ? A disturbed spirit ?

Unfortunately some people already repeated the song 100 times and still not yet hear the Creepy Voice, they didn’t know that they need a headphone to hear the voice clearly.

The story behind this disturbed spirit

One of the fans who knows about spirit shared a story to us.

The Creepy voice in Ed Sheeran’s Thinking out Loud is a disturbed spirit of an recording artist that still believing in “FOREVER” love and not yet convinced that he is already dead. The disturbed spirit believes to die in age of 70.

He also claimed that he is one of the first people who noticed the creepy voice.

What is Ed Sheeran’s answer in this mystery?

Ed Sheeran is still not yet speaking about this topic, but soon we are hoping that he can answer this mystery personally.

Even this song is now scaring people, this song will still be my one of my favourite song. The other music nowadays is more creepier than this.

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