The Story behind this 66 Year old DOTA Player

lolo dots playing dota via Pinoy Viral


DOTA 1 and 2 is one of the most played game today and 99% of them are consist of teenage and middle age players. Some people said that this game is not recommended on old fellas. But everything changed when an old man came in a computer shop to beat all the young people in DOTA 2.

Iloilo, Philippines – People named him Lolo Cris Dots from Iloilo (his nicknamed came from his playmate in DOTA ). A year ago this old man is suffering in different ailments and his memory is becoming weak that if become worsen it can turn to Alzheimers Disease.

His personal doctor recommended to Lolo Dots to play strategy games that can sharpen his memory and to relieve his stress. When he asked his grandchildren for a game that can relieve his stress, they jokingly recommended DOTA  but Lolo Dots take it seriously and came to the computer shop and ask his one of his grand children to play DOTA  (his grand children is one of the top player in their place)

When Lolo dots is playing, everybody is watching and they are laughing if this guy will easily learn this game. Lolo didn’t gave up and even he encountered tremendous trashtalk from his random team mates, he understand the community of this game and he said in ilonggo language that “kay gamay pa sila b pabayan mo nalang sila mag hambal sng malain nga hambalanun kay kung mag tigulang na sila ma gd na nila ang sala nila” (Mga bata pa kasi hayaan niyo nalang magmura, pagtanda nila malalaman din nila ang mali nila)

More months came and Lolo dots become so skilful in DOTA and he already beats all the players in the computer shop. His memory also improved and already not suffering in his ailments cause of stress.

Lolo dots is playing on 9am – 7pm and after that he is sleeping.



Lolo dots interviewed by Tryke Gutierrez

Our source interviewed lolo and asked if he is already addicted in DOTA , lolo answered “nd ko mn gusto ang mga apo ko bskan ma ubos ang kwarta ko kay sa hampang nga ni. kay para madula ang kapoy halin nako sa akon nga computer” (hindi naman, yun ang ayoko kasi yung mga apo ko nauubos pera dahil sa larong to, dapat pagtangal na ang pagod dapat alis na sa harap ng pc) Lolo said this in Ilonggo Language.

He also gave a tip to the other old people to try this game, it can helps them to sharpen their mind and relieve their stress, it can make them also famous like Lolo Dots.

He also planned to buy a computer to avoid more expenses, he will also try League of Legends soon when he already bought a personal computer.


via Tryke Gutierrez Facebook, this lolo is playing Sniper and Viper heroes.


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