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Appearance is not a qualification to be love, this couple proves that this saying is true.

This gay couple inspired many Netizens this week. The gay couple identification is hided for their privacy but according to some people that we interviewed, the couple met on Facebook and starting dating 2-3 years ago.

This¬†couple accepted everything in each other and met in personal. The european traveled to his boyfriend’s country just to see his love and now they are happily traveling in different parts of the world.

At first many Netizens is not believing that the European really loves his boyfriend, but when they posted a photo on Instagram kissing, they started to grab attention from many Netizens and shared their photo.

We interviewed a friend of this lucky gay named Rolanda and he said that his friend is not expecting that the European will go to their country just to meet him. “The love life of my friend is like a fairytale, he met a prince and now they are starting to travel and planning to marry next year” Rolanda said to us.

Rolanda also said that the couple is hiding their identity to protect each other, they didn’t want to become famous, but their story wants to be shared to many people to give inspiration.

The couple didn’t evade some bashers that judging their relationship and they said that their bashers that no one can destroy their bond and they will become stronger and stronger. “There’s nothing wrong with our relationship and i know that god is always there to bond us” the couple said according to their subscribers that we interviewed.

They also dreamed to have a baby, but because the science cannot do that yet, they will just adopt a kid soon.

What is this gay have and he captured a very handsome boyfriend ? Rolanda answered “Loyalty and Kindness”

You can watch a video of them here :




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