This kid asked who will be his president on 2016, his answers will shock you!

Many Netizens were catches by the Duterte Fever, many of them is hoping that Mayor Duterte will become the next president of the Philippines. But not only the adult people wants him to win the 2016 election, some young aged people also likes him, one of the example is this foreign kid who asked about his bet on 2016 and he answer it very quick.

He also asked if he wants Mar Roxas to become a president, but he didn’t hesitate to said say no.
The video was uploaded by Team Papa Ghie Facebook fanpage. Many Netizens who watches the video were glad that a kid already know to choose a right leader.

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pati bata sa ibang bansa si duterte gusto.. #papaGhiiee #du30

Posted by Team Papa Ghiiee FanPage on Tuesday, March 8, 2016