This note from a taxi became viral.



From Ria Santos Natividad and TOP GEAR PHILIPPINES facebook fanpage

Many of us is very annoyed of some overcharging taxi drivers in Metro Manila, but a Netizen found a driver who chooses to ask for some donations than to overcharge his customers.

A man named Sonny Basas, who was a victim of the typhoon Yolanda decided to become a cab driver and decided to test his luck in Manila. Typhoon Yolanda devastated their home and their place, the job became limited their.

His wife decided to work in Kuwait to help their family to recover from the storm and their three children was left in the guidance of Sonny’s Grandmother. The eldest is aged 24, the second is aged 17 and the youngest is aged 9. They are all still studying.

According to Ria Santos, Sonny is a very quiet person and not paying attention to the note. He is just speaking when someone asked about the note that he posted on his cab and he is answering all the questions politely.

He didn’t overcharge his passengers and he is one of the most nicest cab driver in Manila. Sonny is now planning to visit his children in Tacloban, that’s why he is trying to ask for some clothes,blankets and some baby stuff that he can carry when he go home. Many Netizens was touched in his story, “He didn’t asked for some money” one of the internet commentator said.

you can call him in his contact number +6390486125853



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