Universities will offer a Bachelor of Science in Defense of the Ancients (BS.DOTA) Course next year



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Because of the increasing population of DOTA and DOTA 2 Players here in the Philippines, many universities decided to make a course that will train the interested college students to enhance their skills in DOTA. The universities who will offer this course will promise that you will become a professional DOTA player after you finish the course.

“Dota players here in the Philippines are so many, the game is extremely popular, but not so skilled enough to join international tournaments, that’s why we decided to bring the DOTA course here” One of the Professors of BS in DOTA who visited the Philippines said to us. He also added that Pinoy players are the most not educated players in DOTA 2 considered as the “Russians” of the South-East Asia, he don’t want to hurt the feelings of the Filipino players but the truth hurts, they need this course badly to become a successful DOTA player.

BS in DOTA was already tested in different countries including China and other European countries, a testament for the effectiveness of this 2 year course is the of PRO players who qualified in the “The International DOTA 2 tournament” were a graduate of this course. They will teach you many techniques to become a PRO player.

The 2 year training will be focus on this :

  • Mouse and Keyboard handling skills
  • Last hit training
  • Accuracy and timing
  • Strategic Thinking Skills
  • Avoiding Trashtalk (mostly needed by the Filipinos)
  • The story of all the Heroes in DOTA
  • Become a Pro in every hero that you will use

Maybe you will think that the training will be easy but you’re wrong. The professors will train you for 12 hours a day and they will never let you stop playing. If you lose one game, your training will be extend for 30 minutes, it means if you lose 3 fights your class time will become 13 hours and 30 minutes. Many people who tried this course in China quits on this course and the one who survived the course became a very professional player.

The Tuition Fee is not yet decided but they already gave a hint that the Course will cost you not less than 10,000 PHP. After your graduation they will help you to join tournaments with high prices in other countries.


You want to try this course and become a PhD in Dota ?



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