Viral man who introduces himself as a cop during a road rage admits that he’s only a ‘business consultant’

The Philippine National Police identified the man featured in a viral road rage story in Taguig City.

Cops located the man in the viral Facebook post by netizen Pinky T. Ortiz.

In a statement, the cops said that the man in the viral video was identified as Joseph Phillip Lu Bautista, a 36-year-old business consultant residing in Taguig City.

Bautista said that he only wore the atheltic shirt of the PNP because it was “comfortable”.

He also denied the accusation of Ortiz against him, however the police didn’t believed the alibi of Bautista and they would pursue to file charges against him for “illegal use of uniform” and for harassing a person while pretending to be a cop.

In her post, she narrated that the man, which identified lately as Joseph Bautista, was driving a car with a police siren and full of PNP sticker.

She said that when Bautista, didn’t find a way to escape the traffic, he turned on the siren of his car and repeatedly honked his horn to them.

When Ortiz opened her window and asked Bautista about his problem, Bautista suddenly pointed his finger to her and threatened her that he would bring her to the police station.

“he said “You ran a red light! Gusto mo dalin ko kayo sa presinto?!” (with an American accent).” Ortiz said in her post.

Even the Facebook pages managed by members of PNP said that Bautista is obviously not a police because of his tattoos which strictly prohibited in their organization.

BuhayLespu Facebook fan page said that a real cop would not boast himself as a police by putting many PNP stickers in their private car.

They also added that the actions of Bautista is destroying the image of the PNP.

As of writing, Pinky T. Ortiz is not yet giving any statement on the arrest of Bautista.

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