Viral: This man video himself naked and uploaded on Facebook for Manny Pacquiao

jefry the legendary(c) Jefry Gadingan

This man created the one of the most popular videos on Facebook this week, Jefry Gadingan a Hip-Hop artist. As a support for Manny Pacquiao, he uploaded a video of himself naked and created a parody of an Energy Drink Commercial.

According to some of his friends who is also a Hip-Hop artist, Jefry never regrets that he uploaded a video like that on Facebook, he is just showing his support for the Filipino Champ. Half of the who watches it Netizens didn’t like the video, but the other half likes it and shared it to their friends, unfortunately the video was already blocked on Facebook.

“Jefry is Legendary, you must watch this or else you are not a Pacquiao fan” One of my friends who shared it on Facebook said to his timeline. Some of them downloaded the video and they are planning to reupload the video someday.

Is Jefry is under the influence of drugs while doing this video? His friends answered “We don’t know”

Even Pacquiao was lost to Mayweather, many fans like Jefry is still happy with the People Champ’s performance last night in Las Vegas and they are still believing that Pacquiao won the fight.


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