VP Leni reacts on Duterte’s statement to kill Mayors: “Only court can decide if Mayors in the drug list are guilty”

Vice President Leni Robredo reacted on the threats of President Rodrigo Duterte to kill Mayors allegedly involved in illegal drug operations in the Philippines.


On Tuesday, the office of the Vice President released a statement of Leni Robredo on the Narco list presented by President Rodrigo Duterte and his statements that the 1B drug rehabilitation budget is only ‘a waste of money’.

The Vice President was worried about the pronouncement of the President on killing Mayors and she cautioned Duterte in making controversial statements.

Robredo also believe that the rule of law must be applied to the Mayors by letting the court decide to the faith of the politicians allegedly involved in illegal drugs.

This is the statement of the Vice President:

On the Narcolist.

We hope the President was only exaggerating when he talked of killing mayors included in his drug list.

We also caution the President in making such pronouncements. We believe in the rule of law and believe that only the courts can decide if mayors in the drug list are guilty or innocent.

Robredo was also disagree with the President’s statement that investing on the health of the drug addicts is a waste of money.

They believe that shabu addiction is a mental illness and he urged Duterte to help drug addicts in curing their drug addiction.

The Vice President also said that the government must focus on the other causes of drug use and addiction such as poverty.


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