Watch: Anti Illegal Drugs Commercial of Duterte administration

Presidential Communication of the Philippines finally released two of the the Anti-Illegal Drug commercials that will be aired in some TV Networks and malls for free.

This film was created by award-winning director Brillante Mendoza and produced by the Presidential Communications Office in partnership with the MTRCB.

One of the commercials that posted on Facebook is about an Overseas Filipina Worker that not aware that her son in the Philippines is already addicted in illegal drugs

She is also not aware that her son is already spending all of her remittances in buying illegal drugs like shabu and ectasy.

Until one day her son’s mind was already corrupted by illegal drugs and already killed a person, now he is calling her mother for help but it’s already too late because the police are already chasing him.

The second commercial is about a father who missed all of her daughter’s important events because of his addiction to illegal drugs.

The commercial is urging everyone to quit using illegal drugs because there is still hope for them to change their lives.

The Commercial received positive response from the Netizens especially to our OFW who are afraid that one of their family members that they supported may become a drug addict.

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“Those commercials will help to remind everyone that illegal drugs will only destroy your life and your family” One of the Netizen said to our source.

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