WATCH: Black Nazarene devotees crashes in a private party, some stole food from the catering

A private party held during the feast of Black Nazarene on Wednesday was turned into chaos when some devotees of the statue swelled into their private property.

The video which captured by CNN Philippines correspondent Rex Remitio showed the devotees of black nazarene trying to get some food without permission from the organizers of the party.

A lady was also heard shouting from the devotees, pleading to them to get out of the private property.

Despite of the plead of the guests of the party, some devotees still continued to loot. The guards of private party had a hard time to forcefully evict the devotees because they were outnumbered.

The guards decided to close the gate of the property even there’s still trespassers left as more devotees who were tired and hungry because of joining the Black Nazareth parade are attempting to crash the party.

The feast of the Black Nazarene is the biggest religious event in the Philippines.

Most Devotees were barefooted and trying to reach the image as they believed that the Black Nazarene would fulfill their wishes.

According to Philippine National Police, 2.7 million devotees had been participated in this year translación.

It became controversial because the event caused hundreds of injuries and sometimes death.

But despite of the controversies, the devotees of the Black Nazarene continue to increase and the Catholic Church claimed that the numbers of devotees every year were doubled.

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