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WATCH: Robin Padilla pushes a foreigner for allegedly disrespecting an OFW

“Don’t do that to my countryman, okay?! Don’t do that! Don’t push her!”

This is what Robin Padilla said to a foreigner who allegedly pushing away the Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) fans of the actor.

The incident happened in a hotel in Hongkong where Padilla was apparently stayed as he attended the ‘Tapang at Malasakit’ event organized by the supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte.

In a Facebook live video that was being streamed on Robin Padilla’s Facebook page last Sunday, February 25, 2018, it showed that the actor invited the people to watch the event that would held in Hongkong.

After the short invitation of Padilla, Filipina fans quickly approached the actor and requested for a groupfie.

However, a foreign man suddenly popped out on the other side of the action star. Eager to have a picture with Robin, the man gestured at the Filipina to move away from Robin’s side.

This disrespectful behavior angered Robin Padilla that made him to push the man.

The foreigner quickly apologized to Padilla who told him to avoid showing rude behavior to his countrymen.

Padilla’s action received mixed reaction to the netizens, some said that he’s being too sensitive.

“Dapat ikinausap din.. Pwede nmn sabihan na excuse me sir nauna si ms pinay..respect pls.. Dinadaan lagi sa bakbakan may pagkayabang mo din robin.. Ang warfreak mo parin ang tanda mo na..” Roel’s Masterpiece Youtube channel commented.

But his fans understand where the actor who’s known for being nationalistic is coming from.

“Hindi mo masisi robin padilla sa ginagawa nya, ang bastos kase ng foreigner guy.. isang tunay na pilipino si robin Padilla ayaw nya kase binabastos ang kapwa pilipno nya kaya nga minahal sya ng sambayanan pilipino kaya ito sikat pa rin sya kaya nga tinawag syang idol ng bayan , kaya ito lang masasabi ko sau (joelou alferez) baguhin natin ang sistema , masanay ka na hindi tau pwde laitin o bastosin ng mga bastos na foreigner guy.. a netizen who defended Padilla said.

The action star is known for his nationalist stance and in one occasion, he even lectured a foreigner living in the Philippines for not speaking Filipino.

Padilla also like talking about history and he idolized several revolutionary leaders like Andres Bonifacio, in which he also portrayed in a movie.

You can watch the whole video here:

As of writing, Padilla is not yet speaking or giving any comments on the incident.


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