WATCH: VP Leni allegedly accepts donations during her visit in United States

A Facebook fanpage published another revelation on the internet about the visit of Vice President Leni Robredo in the United States of America last year.

A Filipino lives in the United States interviewed some of the supporters of the Vice President in an event where the Leni Robredo allegedly attended.

He discovered that the group National Federation of Filipino American Associaitions (NaFFAA) paid for the expenses of Leni Robredo in America which some members of the group admitted on the video.

According to the law, public officials must not accept gifts or donations to a private sponsor like NaFFAA.

The lady who asked by the source didn’t aware that giving gifts or donation to a Filipino public official is illegal.

But another lady defended the Vice President and explained that she was already invited in that event since the campaign period.

The source of the video lectured the alleged members of NaFFAA about the constitution of the Philippines and told them that even U.S President Barack Obama didn’t accept anything from private citizens during his term as public official.

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