Woman lost her arm during an accident at MRT Station in Ayala, netizen disappointed over slow response of the staff

A gruesome accident was happened at the MRT Station located in Ayala on Tuesday.

Netizen Celia Eya Castillo, one of the witness of the unfortunate incident narrated how she personally saw the victim trying to go up from the rails of the MRT station and asking for help.

According to the report.the train was already about to leave the Ayala Station when the woman felt dizzy and fell to the tracks.

She’s also one of the people who quickly responded to the victim and tried to stop the bleeding of her upper arm.


The exact location where the bloody accident happened Photo: Celia Eya Castillo

The netizen also expressed her disappointment to the MRT staff who didn’t responded quickly to the victim because they were terrified of what happened.

She also claimed that the staff of the MRT prioritized to took a photo of the accident than to help the bleeding victim.

The victim was identified as Angeline Fernando.

Fernando got caught between the first and second cars of the train and lost her right arm, the report added.

The woman was brought to Makati Medical Center.

This is Ms. Castillo’s whole post:

Please help pray for the woman who lost her right arm sa MRT Ayala Station, just now. Still shaky while typing this. I was surprised na may babae sa riles trying to go up. Nakakalungkot MRT personnel are not at all equipped to help people when there is an emergency. Good thing one woman was courageous enough to tend to her. She was asking for a cloth to use to her. I gave my cardigan. She tied it on her upper arm to hopefully stop the bleeding. And I had to tell the guards, please get a medic, call an ambulance. Lahat natataranta. No staff had the courage to take the arm from the riles. Please MRT management equip your people for this kind of situation. Mas inuna pa ng iba magpicture sa tao at sa kamay nya na nasa riles pa. Sana naman wag nyo i-post yan sa social media!

Fellow MRT passengers, please pag magsasara na ang pinto mg tren wag na po tayo humabol. And keep a safe distance from the moving train or the rail.

Source: Eya Castillo