“From worship leader to entertainer” Friend of Mocha shares her past that made netizens emotional

The manager of Mocha Uson shared how he met the celebrity blogger in a youth fellowship and how she became an entertainer to help her mother who was diagnosed by breast cancer.

In his birthday message of Byron Cristobal for her longtime friend, he shared how he met Mocha a worship leader at that time in a christian church.

He narrated how Mocha Uson decided to stop her studies and became an entertainer to help her mother Dra. Estrellita Uson who was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Cristobal also debunked all the rumors from Mocha’s critics that the celebrity blogger sold her body in exchange of money because as the manager of Uson, he received all of the indecent proposal that came from rich people.

Mocha was once offered a luxury car by a politician, but she refused it because she only wanted to earn money for her mother.

Cristobal also shared what they sacrificed in exchange of supporting President Rodrigo Duterte during the campaign period.

According to him, they lost many sponsorship and opportunities because all of their time were consumed by helping the campaign of Duterte.

But Mocha said that she wanted to help the country and she trusted God that he would provide something from them in exchange of helping the country.

Cristobal was amazed that despite of the social media influence that achieved by Mocha, she was remained humble and she always reminded that her blog was not all about her.

Mocha also wanted to support the independent pro-duterte bloggers that labeled by some critics as fake news in fact that the sources of their news came from the reputable source, according Cristobal

Now people who supported Mocha believes that she’s already starting to change her image.

Byron Cristobal said that they regretted that they chosen to pursue what they needed and pushed Mocha to became an sexy entertainer instead of seeking the lord.

But now the friends of Mocha and Byron believes that despite of the past of Uson, God still blessed them and gave them a chance to change theirselves.

Here is the full story of Byron Cristobal that he shared on Facebook:

Mocha and I have been working together for 20yrs. We started sa isang youth fellowship. I was handling the Worship Team and she was the worship leader. Yes dati siyang worship leader sa isang Christian Church.

But along the way we made a mistake of pursuing what we need instead of seeking God.

Pero sa kabila noon ang dahilan ay noong nagka breast cancer ang mama niya she has to earn more to sustain the medication of her mom.

Kaya yun nag pa ka-sexy siya sa pagbabanda. Kaya yung mga gumagawa ng istorya na pinasok niya ang pagbebenta ng katawan. Isa po yung FAKE NEWS.

Alam ko yun dahil sa akin dumadaan lahat ng indecent proposal. There was even an offer from a Mayor in Metro Manila na bibigyan siya ng FORD EXPEDITION just for a dinner. Dinner lang yan hindi siya pumatol. Yung pa kayang mas malala.

Mahal lang niya talaga ang nanay niya kaya siya nag pa sexy para more shows. But we regret it. And when Duterte run for office she said to support PRRD kahit walang bayad at kahit mabawasan ang show namin kasi at that time PRRD is not yet popular.

Marami akong nawalang shows at sponsors pero lagi niyang sinasabi sa akin “para sa bayan” at bahala na si Lord mag provide. Well true nga po the Lord provided.

At siguro kaya na rin siya inangat ng Lord to be part of this administration. At isa pa. Siya yung walang ka insecure sa sarili niya.

Lagi niyang sinasabi sa akin na ipush namin ang ibang Pro-Duterte Bloggers. Wag na siya. Sa katunayan ayaw na niya mag post minsan at ang gusto nalang niya mag share ng mag share ng ibang bloggers.

No wonder God has lifted her up. Siya yung taong galit sa salitang “AKO”. She keeps on reminding her team na MOCHA USON BLOG is not about her it’s about the DDS and the President. S

ila daw dapat lagi ang bida. I have never seen a celebrity/entertainer na ganyan ka humble. Sa katunayan nga minsan yung mga membro pa ang malaki ang ulo kaya natatanggal (easy easy) kesa sa kanya na lider and founder.

Kaya Mocha I think you deserve to be greeted and appreciated now.

Never po kasi nag celebrate ng birthday niya yan mula noon pa.

Happy Birthday hanggang sa dulo laban para sa bayan!

After reading the post of Cristobal, several netizens already understand why Mocha sacrificed her own study and why she chosen to became a sexy entertainer.

People from the government and the DDS family also sent their greetings to Mocha Uson.

MMDA chairman Tim Orbos described Mocha as “a great woman, a patriot,” and gave her an advice to forget her critics.


Allan Mitchell Silonga also recounted how Mocha and Byron helped him when he suffered in a severe headache and high blood pressure.

He said that Mocha and Byron didn’t leave him in the hospital until they ensured that he’s already okay.

This year became special to Mocha because President Rodrigo Duterte, the man that they chosen to lead the country won the election and she was appointed as Presidential Communication Operations Office assistant secretary.

She also gathered tremendous amount of social media influence on the internet and she used that opportunity to help the country and help the government to share their message to the netizens.

Despite of the below the belt attacks that she received, Mocha remained humble and the she considered the criticisms as a challenge for her to work harder for the country.


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