“YARI!” WATCH: Netizen proves authenticity of the discovered internet group against President Duterte

Netizen published a video on Facebook to prove the authenticity of the group which contained strategies and messages encouraging to oust the current government.

Facebook page named “Mamshies” inspected the cache of the Yahoo Group revealed by Sass Rogando Sasot where the high profile supporters of Leni Robredo allegedly talked about ousting the President of the Philippines.

The internet group was quickly changed the privacy settings to private by its creator after the Duterte supporters became noisy about the issue that the Office of the Vice President currently facing right now.

But despite of changing the privacy settings of the group, the web cache of some pages of the internet group was still remains and still accessible here.

Mamshies showed the view source of the web cache and inspected the code which built the webpage.

Malacañang palace said will investigate online reports of supposed plots to oust Rodrigo Duterte and the President would not be happy if this proven to be true.

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