READ: Did Trillanes checked an account in DBS Singapore different from the account number in his waiver and circulating documents?

On Tuesday morning, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV personally went to Singapore to debunk the claims of President Rodrigo Duterte that he amassed a hidden wealth deposited in banks in different countries including in two banks in Singapore.

After he personally checked the alleged bank account in DBS, the branch manager confirmed that the bank account number gave by Trillanes to them to checked is a non-existent account.

However, several netizens noticed the media reports about the bank account number checked by Senator Trillanes at the DBS Bank Branch in Alexandria Road, one of the two banks in Singapore where he was rumored to deposited thousands of Singaporean Dollars.

Some Netizens speculated that this move of the Senator was only a PR stunt, but some of his supporters believed that he already proven himself clean to the accusations against him.

According to the reports of Abante, GMA News, Rappler and other media outlet, the bank account checked by Senator Trillanes has an account number of 178000296012, different from the account number that listed on the documents circulated online and to the number signed in his waiver.

178000296012 was the account number cited by President Rodrigo Duterte during the pilot episode of “Sa Totoo lang” with Erwin Tulfo.

Screenshot of Abante news report about Senator Trillanes Singaporean Account


Screenshot of GMA news report about Senator Trillanes Singaporean Account


Screenshot of Rappler news report about Senator Trillanes Singaporean Account

According to the documents circulated on the internet, the same documents possessed by President Duterte, PCOO Asec. Mocha Uson and PTV-4 journalist Erwin Tulfo the account number of Sen. Trillanes in DBS Alexandria Branch is 178000281602.

In his signed waiver that he sent to AMLC and to the Ombudsman, the bank account that he wanted to be checked in Singapore has an account number of 178000281602.Bank waiver signed by Senator Trillanes

In a live interview with PTV-4 on Tuesday, President Duterte said that he intended to mention a wrong account number during the pilot episode of “Sa Totoo lang” to “fool” his fiercest critic.

President Duterte showed the real account numbers of the alleged bank account of Senator Trillanes during a live interview in PTV-4 today.

“Wala ito. Produkto ng isip ko ito. Tinanggalan ko talaga. Ginamit mo. Nag-issue ka ng waiver… Iba ang account number, iba ang totoo,” Duterte said.

To prove that he only invented the account number, he presented a sheet paper showing the actual account number: 11780-00281-60-2. He said the actual number was earlier published by PCOO Asec. Mocha Uson and Broadcaster Erwin Tulfo on social media.

“Sinadya ko iyan,” he said.

The President also believed that Senator Trillanes is already in panic mode after he went to Singapore personally to find a way to clean his name.

“Kita mo siya ngayon. He’s desperate. Pumunta ng Singapore, mag-gastos lang para propaganda lang,” he said.

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