Trillanes claims that he earns praises from netizens for BBC interview

  • Senator Antonio Trillanes IV claimed that his BBC HARDtalk interview got positive feedbacks from the netizens.
  • In a press release, the camp of Trillanes posted some of the positive comments that he received from his Facebook fan page.
  • But one of the first video of Senator Trillanes interview uploaded to the internet gained mostly negative feedbacks from the netizens.

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV believed that he gained positive feedbacks from the netizens who watched his BBC HARDtalk interview, contrary to the claims of the Duterte Die Hard Supporters (DDS) on social media.

On June 23, the Facebook page of the senator posted the whole video of his interview with international journalist Stephen Sackur.

They showed several evidence of positive reactions from the netizens that taken from the comment section of his social media page.

As of writing video gained 17,000 reactions from the netizens and 7,600 shares.

This were the comments that they chosen to publish in their press release:

In a comment after the official Facebook page of Trillanes posted the complete interview, netizen Marla R. noted that she watched the full video interview since she saw Duterte supporters celebrating and sharing links and spliced videos that Trillanes was rebuffed by the program host. “But contrary to their claims, Trillanes answered properly the questions.”

Another netizen named Christopher Q. added: “I don’t see Trillanes being embarrased. All important issues thrown at him were answered. Giving counter-arguments is not embarrasing at all. Pity the people who think otherwise.”

Expressing her admiration, netizen Joy. L said: “Salute you Sen.trillanes for a good (interview). Well done you answered all the questions BRAVELY without any hesitation.”

“Well-said Senator Trillanes! Your answers are factual based on truth! We uphold your courage and unwaivering stand for truth, justice, freedom and democracy!” another netizen named Yang R. said.

The camp of Trillanes believed that most of the people watched the spliced version of his interview that’s why it gained negative comments from the netizens.

But before Senator Trillanes IV uploaded the video, several social media pages already watched the whole interview.

GoodNewsPiliipinas, one of the first Youtube channels uploaded the video of Senator Trillanes gained mostly negative reactions from the netizens.

(via GoodNewsPilipinas)

(via GoodNewsPilipinas)

(via GoodNewsPilipinas)

(via GoodNewsPilipinas)

Senator Antonio Trillanes believed that his BCC interview was one of the proudest moments of his public life.

“That’s what I’ve been saying all along that this BBC interview, in fact, is one of the proudest moments in my public life. So, no matter how Duterte’s minions spin this interview as a disaster, those who actually watched the full 24-minute interview say that I held my ground and was able to present my insights despite the perceived hostility of the host,” Trillanes said.

Senator Leila De Lima also reacted to the rumors that Senator Trillanes received criticisms because of the BBC interview.

In a letter, De Lima said blamed the internet trolls for spreading black propaganda against Sen. Trillanes.

“I knew it. It’s all a spin. The unsavory comments are but part of an intensified black propaganda engineered by the dark forces,”  De Lima said.

“I may not have watched the actual interview, but after going over the transcripts, I honestly say that Sen. Sonny handled very well and admirably, the tough questioning by a host who was playing devil’s advocate,” she added.

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