The most inspirational video ever. So powerful and made me cry.

Do you have any problems in your life ? Many people suffered many problems in their daily lives everyday, but some people still keep going for the sake of their love ones. Sometimes you need to experience the biggest failures in your life, but if you will face all that failures, you will became more stronger and you can now overcome all the problems easier than before.

This Video was taken in the Barcelona 1992 summer olympics, an athlete named Derek Redmond is attempting to win a medal in the Olympics, but unfortunately in the middle of the run, he suffered an agony and fell to the ground. But despite of the extreme pain that he felt, he still determined and tried to finish the run even he knew that there is no hope that he will win an Olympic medal. Breaking trough the security, a man came to help Derek, while the man is guiding Derek to the finish line they became emotional and the determined athlete cried because of his failure. The man who helped Derek is his Father.

Derek’s father tried to convince him to not finish the run, but because of Derek’s extreme determination, he did not follow the advice of his father so they decided to finish it together. Before Derek reaches the finish line, his father let him complete the race alone. Even Derek didn’t win the medal, he received a standing ovation from more than 65,000 audience who watched the Olympics. This scene catches the attention of million audiences watched the Olympics worldwide and this is considered as one of the most memorable scene on the Olympic history.

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