Only in the Philippines: Family do a boodle fight at Jollibee restaurant

Filipinos are known for eating using only their barehands together with the traditional banana leaves as their plates and a family did it even in a famous fast food restaurant which is unusual.

A photo shared by a facebook user Maan Mallorca gained thousands of shares from the netizens who were amused what Mallorca family did in Jollibee.

The family brought a banana leaves and rice cooker inside the fast food restaurant to do a boodle fight together with their favorite Jollibee Chicken.

The table is topped with banana leaves which will serve as plates. Then foods will be served atop of that. There are cases where viands and rice are mixed altogether but this may be vary to personal preference.

On the videos, one guy even brought a pot full of rice but it didn’t stopped there. What’s a boodle without banana leaves, right? So, they came prepared and pretty much brought everything in a boodle fight.

Fortunately, the staff of the fast food restaurant didn’t stop the family from doing their boodle fight and they let them enjoy their bonding together.

Netizens were happy to see a family enjoying their boodle fight together with the fast food restaurant that already became part of the Filipino culture.

But what is more amusing was the closeness of this family.

They also tagged their friends and challenged them to do what the Mallorca family did in the fast food restaurant.

If you are given the chance, will you do the same?

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