Sen. Win Gatchalian curses Netizens for uncovering his pro-Aquino tweets

Senator Sherwin “Win” Gatchalian, welcomed the 2018 by exchanging spicy tweets against the people who dug his old pro-Liberal Party posts.

Yesterday, Gatchalian replied on the article shared by Rappler CEO Maria Ressa on Twitter about the statement of Liberal Party titled: “Liberal Party: 2018 ‘may be the fight for nation’s soul”.

According to the Senator, the nation already lost its soul in the last six years, he obviously referring to the past administration led by former President Noynoy Aquino.

“The nation already lost its soul in the last 6 years.” Gatchalian said.

However, it seems that Gatchalian was a former supporter of President Noynoy Aquino and his followers replied the screenshots of his former tweet to apparently destroy the day of the Senator.

Twitter user Nestor D. (@nad0227) patiently scrolled down the old tweets of Gatchalian to use it as a rebuttal for the recent statements of the Senator against former President Aquino.

The four to seven-year-old tweets of Gatchalian showed how the current Senator and critic of Liberal Party has been amazed by the performance of the former President.

“Since PNoy already built the fundamentals of good governance, let d public demand from it from d next President,” Gatchalian tweeted.


Gatchalian even had a dream about meeting the former President to tell him the problems of the country.

He was even impressed by the policies of Aquino when he was still a newly-elected President.

Gatchalian also thanked former President Noynoy Aquino’s anti corruption drive and he believed that the efforts of the past administration gave an international exposure to the Philippines.

When Nestor’s tweet about Win’s past posts became the top comment, the netizens started to attack the Senator and called him a ‘traditional politician’

It seems that Senator Win got pissed off by the tweets of Nestor and he started to curse his follower for uncovering his past tweets.

“Gago ka!” Gatchalian said who’s currently in Las Vegas, Nevada.

One netizen noticed the words used by the senator against his follower.

“wow, the gall this senator gatchalian has is unbelievable…ingrato.” Netizen Romdel Bellosillo (@romdel94) tweeted.

“Ulol”  Gatchalian replied.

In another thread, Gatchalian attacked another netizen who reposted the tweets of Nestor.

“Gago! Anong year yan???” he said.

Because of the languages used by Gatchalian, some netizens didn’t hesitate to gave some lecture to the Senator.

“Kindly check your language. This is unbecoming of an elected public official. How would your constituents feel?”  Ad Homonym (@redthemod) said.

“Interesting that he focuses on the time he made those statements, not the content. And, his use of profanity clearly shows how attached he is to the present dispensation. Very traditional soul, eh?”  Leah Navarro (@leahnavvaro) tweeted in response of Gatchalian statement.

A netizen also explained to the Senator that he really posted pro-LP tweets before and he believed that the Senator had a habit of forgetting his tweets.

Some of his followers were worried about the languages used by the Senator and they thought that Gatchalian’s Twitter account has been hacked.

However, the Senator justified that he was the one who tweeted the profanities against his critics.

“Ako yan.” Gatchalian said as response to his fan who thought that another person is using his account.

Some even guessed that the Senator was just drunk.

As of writing, the Senator is not yet releasing a statement on why he suddenly attacked his followers who uncovered his past admiration to former President Aquino.




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