They didn’t like the Salutatorian’s speech that’s why they interrupted her


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A salutatorian’s speech has interrupted by her teachers because she is going to reveal something bad about their school.

This video is now circulating online and going to become viral anytime. Krisel Mallari a Salutatorian of the Sto Nino Parochial School is delivering her graduation speech when her teacher interrupted her, destroying her once in a lifetime moment to deliver her message to the other graduating students.


This is some parts of the speech translated in english.

“In every year passed, I’m putting all my efforts in studying in school, i believed that everything in school is fair. In the end of the school year I know that it’s only one step towards in the finish line, but when i came to the finish line i didn’t see the red ribbon that will symbolised my victory. I asked my self if someone stole the ribbon ?


The first line of Mallari’s speech already irritates the ears of her teachers and asked her to change the speech or to stop. But instead of obeying her teacher’s orders, she continued the speech the second line of the speech is:

“Many people is still acting blind and following the dirty and unreliable system. I didn’t become blind and fight for what is really right, I’m a Filipino and i fear god. Rumor, bunch of rumor is what they throw to me, they make me a bad person.

the original copy of her speech in Filipino is in our Google Plus Business page if you want to see the original speech follow/visit:

The teacher forcefully interrupted the speech after the second line and they said that Mallari’s speech is not the one who approved by the teachers.

Mallari is now struggling to get her grades on their school, she’s trying to get her grades by checking the school everyday but she is still not getting the grades that she worked hard for. Despite of the possibility that the school will going to hold her script, she bravely continued the speech and criticised the policies of her school.

Mallari believes in Freedom of Speech and she will keep fighting to deliver her speech in other way. Many Netizens is now showing support to Mallari and they said that they will going to help to deliver the complete speech of Mallari when the time comes.

The Department of Education is now investigating and if they proved that the teachers broke the rule of the graduation rights, they will going to be punished.

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