UFO caught on Pampanga ?

This video was caught by a Netizen in Pampanga. An unidentified flying object (UFO) was shining and moving in the night sky 4 days ago. The experts is still not know if this object is from another planet or just a military aircraft that secretly passed the Philippine territory.

Netizens gave their answer to this mystery and they said that this is not an Alien aircraft, maybe it’s just a drone who are operated by other people or a B2 Stealth bomber.

But many people from Pampanga that witnessed this event stated that this is an alien aircraft and even their pets is already in panic because they really felt something weird.

Now the experts is still studying the video and they are hoping that they will find an answer soon. They are afraid that the aliens already visited us because many bad events can happen if a creature that more powerful than humans invade our planet.

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